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The Sega Craze

This Koreanovela kept me up all night. Just because it's funny and the plot is oh-so-awesome. Behold the magic of SECRET GARDEN!

Mr. Taxi!

This song is catchy and just cool! 
Mr. Taxi SNSD

First Day. No Way!

Not excited. I'm not ecstatic too. I just want to meet new set of junior writers and also bond with my PA family and close friends. Hoping to see the light of the day tomorrow. :))

Not cool!

Okay, so everyone already knew that my Internship at Emerson ended with a BANG! Which leads me to realize this fact: No internship means no allowance. Oh my! I don't want to be broke forever! I must do everything and anything to continually support myself financially. And also to avoid bumming around all summer long. (I so don't want to be a bummer!) That ain't cool! And without facebook access and all the stuff you can do with the aid of computer and laptop I'll be forever doomed with the fact that I'm such a looooooooooooser. About that one, the thing that dreads me. I don't have a laptop yet! What will I do? My course outline exactly tells me that I ought to have a laptop as soon as possible. If I cannot afford a laptop then a PC would suffice it. But on the surface having that myself is like so IMPOSSIBLE given my predicament. My talkies ninang won't even buy me one. I already asked her that thing since medieval times (okay so that's just an exagger…