Ow-Jay-Tee(Part 7) Thank You. Goodbye. Acknowledgement.

April 15, 2011My last day as an intern at Emerson-Process Management.
Needless to say, I still wanted to extend my internship period for as long as it takes. But unfortunately duty calls, and that is for me to complete the 200 hours I’ve extended and apply for graduation as soon as I can. I still needed to land a slot out of the 35 slots for the Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology (BTIT) course that I’m dying to take. With the scarcity of slots and the number of students who want to take the said course, I must be doing my job to secure a post from the coveted slots. With that I opted (with no choice) to finish my internship at Emerson and complete all the requirements as fast as I can. Oh well, every good thing must come to an end, even the best ones.
Looking back on my first week, I felt a pang of nostalgia. The span of 6 months was really an awesome experience. I still remember my first day at Emerson, ma’am Mira introduced me to some of the employees and as I was introduced to ma’am Anne she told me that I should also be like ma’am Mira (that I should be as dedicated and hardworking as her). And as far as I’m concern I did what she asked me to do and in my own way I was able to contribute to the productivity of the company.  I gained many memories [and weight also]. I learned many things and met persons whom I befriended with. All in all the experience taught me how to be independently dependent. You can be independent, but you still need help from others who know best and are experienced. And because of that I’ll be forever grateful with the opportunity given to me –  the chance of working with the kindest and professional people in town.
And now as I’m about to leave the company that made me fat (my heart is) and smart (I already am, but smarter now). I owe these guys who’ve been a part of my meaningful stay at Emerson-Process Management.
Ma’am Anne – Thank you for being the best build evaluation teacher I ever had. I see you not as a strict woman but a strong one now. Salamat and God bless you there at Austin!
Sir Jerico – Thank you for the unexpected grade. Thank you also for the concern you have for us interns on those nightshifts we had. Your laugh will always be remembered. Salamat and God bless you there at Austin!
Ma’am Zoila – Thank you for being the coolest boss I ever had! I know in the future I’ll be having new bosses but you’ll be forever on the list of my bestest BOSS ever! (And someday I’ll be a BOSS too!)
Sir Serge – Thank you for the guidance you have shared during my buildeval days and also for the patience of waiting for the results of the latter. Thanks for the “BANIG” wallet and the goodies. And one thing also, your jokes are so funny I can’t help but laugh laugh and laugh. BTW, Thanks for the spaghetti on my Technical Discussion.
Ma’am Des – Thanks for the patience of having to answer all of my questions regarding upgrades and buildevaluations. Don’t worry, one year is not long, it would be worth the wait. (Whatever that is)
Sir Wilson – Thanks for your financial advices, I’ll be thriftier now. And I will be more patient when it comes to spending and generating money. God Bless!
Sir Marco – Thanks for also answering the nonsense questions I have. Just keep on rocking!  And thanks for coining the term Umalis Nang Walang Pakain (UNWP), now every interns will be forced to treat the team before ending their contracts. (Or the whole department too)
Ma’am Metchie – Thanks for being approachable and kind to all of us interns. And God Bless you and your baby! You’ll be a great mom!  Thank you very much!
Sir Rico – Thank you for helping me go over with some of my tasks and for explaining the tasks I should be doing. It really helped me realize that I should be doing a great job for great persons!
Sir Gerry – Thank you for being the funny, big man!  Thanks for being considerate and also patient. Salamat ng marami!
Sir Marvs – Sir Marvs2x! Thanks for helping me with the difficult tasks, making it easier for me to handle. And also for the DOTA sessions we had, I will surely miss those action-packed games. Salamat CHIEF!
Ma’am Remy – Thanks Ma’am Remy for being our new supervisor, in the long run you are doing a great job. And for being bubbly and jovial all the time! Salamat! Your spaghetti is delicious!
Ma’am Lota – Thank you for also teaching me on upgrading devices. It really helped me in my daily tasks. Thank you!
Ma’am Diane – Thanks for the patience and hard work on getting our allowances processed. I know it’s a difficult task but you made it look easy. Thanks for the PIZZA invites and everything! Thank You!
Sir Mike – Thanks for the BIBLE. I’ll always be reminded of you because of it. Thanks! God Bless you on your career at Emerson.
Sir Val – Thanks and Welcome to Zoila’s Team. I’m sure your stay at Emerson will be memorable too because of your awesome team. Good luck and God Bless!
To my wacky co-interns namely: Jona, Otep, Yshia, Pete, Daisy, Syrile, Hung, and Joy, Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!  (I’ve already dedicated a blog entry for you guys. No need for elaboration. You’re all cool! I enjoyed every moment with you all!)
And to those I forgot to mention, thank you very much. God Bless you All!

Song in my head, this one.

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