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Ow-Jay-Tee(Part 7) Thank You. Goodbye. Acknowledgement.

April 15, 2011My last day as an intern at Emerson-Process Management. Needless to say, I still wanted to extend my internship period for as long as it takes. But unfortunately duty calls, and that is for me to complete the 200 hours I’ve extended and apply for graduation as soon as I can. I still needed to land a slot out of the 35 slots for the Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology (BTIT) course that I’m dying to take. With the scarcity of slots and the number of students who want to take the said course, I must be doing my job to secure a post from the coveted slots. With that I opted (with no choice) to finish my internship at Emerson and complete all the requirements as fast as I can. Oh well, every good thing must come to an end, even the best ones. Looking back on my first week, I felt a pang of nostalgia. The span of 6 months was really an awesome experience. I still remember my first day at Emerson, ma’am Mira introduced me to some of the employees and as I was int…

The things I will miss after April 15, 2011

I’ll miss the times when I stay late at the office just because I feel like staying for some strange reasons. I’ll miss the feeding program they have back there at Emerson. I think I’ll return to my size after a few months. I’ll miss the Milo, cappuccino, and all the free drinks I enjoy back when I was starting as an intern. I’ll miss the bonding moments I had with my co-interns. I’ll miss the very infamous allowance. I’ll miss swiping and sliding my badge through sensors and light switches. I’ll miss using the slowest elevator at OSMA. I’ll miss the early ins and late outs I have. I’ll miss heading straight to Megamall after receiving my allowance.
I'll miss the spic-and-span CRs. I’ll miss filling out my time card as manong guard checks if I have a CPU or monitor with me. I’ll miss ZOILA’s team and the TEST DEPARTMENT. I’ll miss my tasks and daily accomplishment reports. I’ll miss the unlimited internet access. I’ll miss the Shangri-la moments. I’ll miss the photocopier and the printer. I’ll mi…

Ow-Jay-Tee Part 6 Top OJT Songs

I love music. You can never take that away from me. And because of that I usually incorporate songs to my life. When I’m down, I have a particular song that plays in the background of my reverie. When I’m having LSS, the song will be on the list of my “overrated” and “overplayed” songs.
Music is life. It tells things about life. It explains things that are unexplainable and expresses emotions that are suppressed.
Here are the songs that remind me of my Internship period. From the start of it until the last date (which will be next week. Yey!).
1.Goodbye Days

-This was my LSS during my first week at Emerson. It has that nostalgic feel on it, that even if you cannot understand its lyrics you unconsciously stop for a moment and give it a try and absorb it as it is. This was also our friendship anthem with my EMT friends. Thanks to Emerson (real person for introducing the song to us.)
2.Back to December

-I would really want to go back to December and relive the OT moments I had and the moment…