so what if I'm melodramatic? WHO CARES!

Yesterday we had this not-so-useful and tiring EB night at Drexler's abode. We thought that something so important will be revealed (so much for the EMO-tendency), but to our dismay none of it surfaced. So I asked Drexler for a Korean song that I'll be indulging to as the night progresses. He recommended Like a Star by Taeyon and The One to me (I was already hooked to One Year Later by Jessica and Onew) and to my surprise I kind of like it. Even though I don't know the lyrics well because it's Korean --- the melody and arrangement speaks for the song itself. So sad I kind of succumb on it until the wee hours of the morning. Until now I can hear the lyrics still ringing in my head "You are my everything to me.. you are my everything to me..." Here is the music video of the song of yesterday's event. Hope you enjoy it.

And here is the undying song that reverberates continuously in my subconsciousness...

See! I'm not melodramatic at all! Tee Hee :) 

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