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post-artimag issue...

so much for CONTROVERSIAL articles and NO BRAINER reactions... shake it off!

I was told yesterday that the release of our Magazine-Artimag has been receiving lots of comments (whether good or bad). First was on the typographical errors that were really obvious, Next were the anti-administration articles that were degrading the TUP-T administration due to lackage of facilities and unfinished projects that were left to rot for public scrutiny. Then, the uncensored and lascivious confession of a Homosexual in love that was loved by many and was ridiculed by some faculty. And my article, or should I say.. the images and pictures behind my infamous article entitled "Pornography" which was misspelled as PORNOGRAHY (told you we incurred many errata on our latest issue).

The moment I got inside our office, it was the first topic my co-editor blurted out.. "Uy, sabi ni *toot* hindi niya ipapabasa yung article mo sa anak niya (if ever *toot* has children), kasi raw ang laswa laswa..."  I was surprised with the unexpected welcome and was worried with my reputation (God knows how saint-like I am). I tried to laugh it off and play dead with all the things I heard, but deep inside of me I'm shaking and nearly shattering into million pieces because I was SCARED.  I'm scared because of the attention they have on my article which means attention to me (the writer of the latter). I'm also scared because I'm not that noise maker in our Technology, even in TUP-T. I would rather write that PORNOGRAPHY article on my blog than endure and ignore the eyes of critics ablaze as I walk the pathway or even eat lunch at the canteen.

Then our EIC told us that THE articles in our Artimag were nothing compared to that of UP's Kule and many other campus publications that tackle on the most serious and sexually-inducing topics. We haven't violated any of the 11 Journalist's Code of Ethics and still we're on the right side of it all. I was relieved momentarily but was still mentally disturbed, so I decided to shake it all off and prepare for what's ahead of me and the publication as well.

My thought on that matter? Well, TUP-Tians need a dose of "REALITY" nothing but the truth. But still we have our horses straddled and we have our boundaries for the sake of not overdoing it. I think our latest release proves that we really care for the studentry.. which irrefutably includes us student journalists. To those critics who succumbed on the "Cheap-ness" of the Artimag and judge us with our articles - maybe because the images are barf-inducing and the confessions are too-good-to-be-true, time for a jumpstart. The "Critizing" part is still essential to us, that means people are reading it and they do care for the contents of the medium but with all the no brainer reactions and downright ugly comments? I should be second guessing right now.

For the success of the Artimag release I thank the Philippine Artisan - Taguig for doing a good job. For all the non-believers (people who despise us and ridicules every releases we have) thank you for being there.. after all the ecosystem must be in balance - that means  there should be GOOD and EVIL forces. I just don't know which side they belong...

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