nostalgic anime songs...

I can still remember the time when I was still addicted to anime. I sing gibberish songs with all of my heart as if I can feel every lyrics of it. And even if I really don't know Japanese that well, I still find Japanese songs cool and awesome. Every afternoon, I would slack myself and face the TV monitor and start watching animes after class. I can still remember the times when I would just ditch games such as patintero, hopscotch, etc. just to watch my favorite characters battling it out for their nation as their Gundams clash into a duel. I was also shocked that Nuriko was not a girl I thought she was in Fushigi Yuugi. I was stunned in admiration as the characters of Vision of Escaflowne were revealed. And was smitten with all the drama and love story of Gadget Boy... So much for that, here are all my favorite animes with their opening songs just to remind you that you were once an Anime Addict back those childhood days..

Ghost Fighter Opening Theme Song

Ohayou by Keno from Hunter X Hunter

Mojacko's Opening song

Doraemon's Opening Song

Change the World by V6 Inuyasha's Opening Song

Itooshi hitono Tameni -Fushigi Yuugi's Opening Song

Slamdunk's Opening Theme Song

Nanka Shiawase from Flame of Recca


Just Communication (Gundam Wing Opening Theme Song)

Unyielding Wish - Magic Knight Rayearth

Detective Conan Opening Song

Freckles (Sobakasu from Samurai X)

Sigh.. I just want to go back to those childhood years, where I have to problem simple things such as homeworks, classmates, and friends. But thanks to these animes not just for the entertainment factor but also for the moral lesson instilled to all of its viewers young and old alike. LONG LIVE ANIME! 

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