How would you react if a friend tells you this line? “Ang panget ng ugali mo!” (You do really have an attitude! a bad one in that case!)  at your face. Would you be bewildered? Or would you act composed in front of him? I’ve experienced that situation, but you know what I did? I never reacted in a bothering manner. Though my feelings got hurt, I thanked my friend on blurting it out right at my face and being candid rather than plastic. “ Our characters define us..”, a quotable quote that I got from a Catholic Magazine. This quote seems true, the way we react on things, talk on different matters, and do certain stuffs reflects our personality. Good or bad we all have different characteristics, to cite a few here are some of the characteristics of students prevalent in our campus:


"Get out of here you scums! I own the place! I am the KING!"

On my freshies year while doing an assignment with my classmates in the gazebo near the University Library. A ‘horde’ of angry-looking seniors went over the place and told us to vacate the place because they would be using it for their practice on a class presentation. Without asking if we could use the place with them, me and my classmates went off in search of another nook where we could finish our assignment. As if they got the authority issues to  woo us away from the place, as if they own it. I call them the KINGS of the campus for they hold Royalty access over every tangible materials they see within the University’s premise.


"That's four, five, and six! Ma'am is really into horrible dictions nowadays... I love it!"(Laughs)

“Oki class, awor niks lison is abawt leet masyins…”

As I listen to my professor discussing a new topic, I heard suppressed giggles behind me. “That’s three, four and five!” the girl on my back zested out to her seatmates as she tallied the ‘wrong gramming’ or our professor. Instead of paying attention to the lesson, they were distracted by the incapability of our professor to pronounce the words correctly. It’s a typical scenario, on a boring class, a way of keeping themselves entertained and alive. Humoring themselves and making fun of others’ weakness.

Pur prupisowrs! Oops!


“ She stinks like the CRs here in our school!”, “his mouth seems like Pandora’s box, full of undesirable things you don’t want to discover!” Familiar with these lines right? I admit that for once I had used those lines to describe a friend, when he/she is not around—a topic my classmates discussed on spare times, to distress us after a tedious class. I guess we have our own list of it, even the most degrading description we could ever give our “subjects” with. It seems like gossiping others has become a past time now among students. Backbiting has become everyones job, when the “subjects” are there, we tend to act friendly, as if we haven’t badmouthed them behind their backs and when their gone…the fun begins. Depreciated super ego? Plasticity at its finest? Or immaturity issues? Making fun on others expense…really bothering though.


The clock is tick tock-ing already...

We students love the “eleventh hour”, we finish our assignments, pass our projects, and go over with a task, when deadlines are just inches away. Cinderella’s story proved to be our inspiration with our habitual laziness. But her story is far different than ours. Hers was a dream come true, a majestic ending; on the other hand, ours was the opposite. Glaring proofs of our procrastinations are unremarkable reports, incomprehensive projects and mediocre outputs, which result to an intermediate grade between failing and failed. I don’t have any idea why we love doing things in fast track. I guess it’s because the youth today are multi-taskers. I guess it’s advantageous to many students, but maybe doing assigned tasks earlier than expected will do the trick… We also want our ending to be just like that of Cinderella’s.

These are some of the KINDS of student’s visible in our campus, but im not saying all TUP-T students have these personalities. Other Universities may have their own versions of it. But as far as my conscience’s concern, these examples are the short listed ones. Reality hurts, as what they say. It seems true though, a sweet lie may be worst than a hurtful truth. Because at the end of the day we’re the ones responsible on assessing ourselves whether we did good and become a better person or a done hurtful things and become a lesser one. After all what you don’t know wont hurt you… as for me it will SLOWLY kill you.

PS This article is adapted from Irene Sebidos' article (The Amaranth) with the same title and thought (just because I was inspired by her to write my own version of it).

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