In na in ang INSECURITY nowadays!

“I hate him because he knows he’s handsome and he’s working his charms perfectly…”

That was one of the lines that I kept on telling a friend of mine one fine day (I'm pertaining to someone in our publication --- that's a given already). And after I opened the topic he also expounded that line (and I nod in agreement with him) oh well, another insecure alert.

I am insecure. I always do. When I’m insecure with a person, instead of seeing the good in him/her I’m already blinded with my insecurity and see all the negativities instead (tsk.. tsk.. tsk..)
And one way to cope with it? I do a lot of comparing and assessing; I compare the subject of insecurity and myself and guess who wins the comparison? A resounding “ME”.

I’m born that way… and no one’s in their position to judge me with my DISEASE (it’s habitual). Though I know it hurts when someone tells you “You’re so ugly, why don’t you ask Belo for an overhaul?” --- (Hey, nobody asked that to me. But we use that line to kid others) but reality hurts and it hurts too much. That’s why facing reality is more difficult than daydreaming on things you want to have. And though it’s a tough job, we need to deal with it.

So back to the topic, why do we have these insecurity issues within ourselves? Why do we succumb to the fact that we are perfect creations of God, and no one is and will be better than us?

We are perfect creations of GOD in his image and likeness. With that, I know that I’m perfectly created, crafted exquisitely, and donned into perfection by our creator.

But then the inevitable happens… we tend to compare. It’s not a tendency, because it happens all the time. And the worst part is, we forget how unique we are because of it.

How to solve this issue? First is to be contented of who you are, what you have and what you don’t have. But don’t overdo it; it may take its toll against you (in moderation nalang).

Secondly, STOP the comparing and comparison thingy! It will do you no good and will just leave you empty and insecure all the time. Just stop comparing and start living (from Bo Sanchez). Because with what you’re doing, you are completely forgetting other important things like your family, studies, and GOD. Try not to compare and start loving your self. Because in the long run --- it is your self you have. Remember this: “The only person who can put you down is YOUR SELF” Right?

Thirdly, if that insecurity is innate and is undying try diverting your attention to other important things. Try extreme sports and talk on other brain stimulating topics. You can also write all your insecurities on a paper and burn it all. As you burn the paper so are your insecurities. (Burn It Baby!)

Lastly, have faith in GOD. God has purpose on why he made you look like that. His plans are for your betterment not for your humiliation. He knows best. He really does. Pray and Pray. It’s free, no charge just lay down all your problems in him and let him cure all your insecurities. Note: You must also do your part. Sabi nga “Nasa Diyos ang awa, Nasa Tao ang Gawa”

Insecure no more? You should be. You are more than that! You are who you are! J Believe me!

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