That's what I'm asking for. :)

As I write this blog (probably type this with restless fingers), I'm already 46 hours away from the completion of my Supervised Industrial Training (SIT) at Emerson - Process Management. And as I blog this entry I'm also applying for an extension of 200 hours. 

It's really difficult on my part --- trying to juggle my time in the company for my SIT and also in TUP-T for the processing of my extension letter. Take note, I already made 2 letters for it. One for my Industry Supervisor and the other as a parental consent endorsed by our ADAA.

Here is the letter I made which is addressed to Mr. Diamse, our Program Coordinator edited by Sir Jerico:

February 28, 2011

Mr. Gilberto P. Diamse
Program Director
Technological University of the Philippines - Taguig Campus
Km 14 East Service Rd. Western Bicutan
Taguig City Philippines

Mr Diamse:


I would like to extend the Supervised Industrial Training (SIT) of Mr. Tobby B. Manongsong for 200 hrs.  Tobby is one of our hardworking interns; he acquired and developed skills during his training that are very helpful in assisting our engineers especially on the current project. I, Jerico Longjas as his immediate supervisor and team lead, am allowing him on his extension until he finishes the entire number of hours he extended.

Very truly yours,

Jerico G. Longjas
System Test Engineer - Team Lead
Fisher- Rosemount Systems, Inc. - PBO

Notice the higlighted sentence, it is Sir Jerico not I who included that line in the letter. Just so you know.. I don't have any self imposed notions of me being a harworking intern. :)

And the letter I wrote as proof that my mother knows my extinction extension:

March 7, 2011

Prof. Benedicta R. Tagayuna
Assistant Director for Academic Affairs
Technological University of the Philippines – Taguig
Km 14 East Service Rd. Western Bicutan
Taguig City Philippines

Mr. Jerico G. Longjas                                                                                                               
System Test Engineer – Team Lead
Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Inc. – PBO
33/F One San Miguel Ave. Condo Bldg.
1600 Pasig City, Philippines

To whom it may concern:

Good Day!

Upon Mr. Longjas’ request, I, Mrs. Semeorina B. Lisondra, am allowing my son, Tobby B. Manongsong on his extension for 200 hrs. This is because he wanted to further his knowledge and experience in the industry and to be able to contribute to the company’s productivity as a whole.

I waive the right to any claim for course of action which may happen during the duration of his extension.

Sincerely Yours,

Mrs. Semeorina B. Lisondra

Status of the extension letter? Still pending... I still have to approach our SIT coordinator and set things clear. After that alas! I'll be finish with my extension letter and later on will finish the number of hours I extended.

How did I managed that? Easy. Time Management that is. I did a lot of "waking up early" and did a lot of early outs (EOs) to process the letters. I also sacrificed some of my quality time to make way for more important matters.

I hope I can finish everything this week. Deadline is on Friday --- March 18, 2011. Fingers crossed on that.

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