The day after I posted my blog about my co-interns, BLOGSPOT, WORDPRESS, TUMBLR, and many other blog sites were blocked in the Test Department (or sa lahat ata).
Spell Kill Joy… A-Y-T-E-E
“Oh please spare me if someone finds this one out… Please. I don’t want my extension to end soon.”
No one is stopping me from updating my outdated blog entries. And no one’s gonna mess up with my pretty-messed-up blog site. I have all the time in the world to attend to those things. I still have the stringing-out-of-words thingy… though sometimes I really have to consult Ms. Miriam and Mr. Webster with the choice of words I have, but nonetheless I’m still capable of doing my niche. Even though I lack resources and necessities, I still have that kick and confidence to keep the updates coming. God will provide, and so the praying will keep on coming right to the very end.
“Kung gusto may paraan, kung ayaw maraming dahilan”
I’ll stick to this cliché till the very end. It’s very true isn’t it?
You can block anything away from me but still I’m going to shine! :)
I’ll outshine everything! I will. And I know how.
What’s the song in my head now? This…

Remedy by Jason Mraz

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