Ballroom 101

What would you do if one day you will be required to dance ballroom? When you know that you’re not good at dancing? You’re not that flexible and flowing, not a Dance Instructor wannabe but just an innocent individual yet to discover a moving ritual which is unknown to your existence?

But here’s the catch, everyone can be a professional dancer! No matter how young or old you’ve started to move that stiff body of yours. There’s still a solution for it. Here are some tips for beginners to engross with to avoid that awkward, and embarrassing dance moves and to start anew in ballroom dancing.

1.       Know the Basics.
-          In every dance genre, basic steps are essential. Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Tango, Boogie and the like have their own basic steps. Being a beginner, it is important for you not only to know but also to learn each step. Take note of this, without the knowledge of the basics you’ll never come up with a good dance presentation. Proper execution and positioning of the feet is the key to better dance routines.

2.       Familiarize the steps.
-           Being able to learn the basic, it is needed for you to be able to be familiar with each step. When practicing, it is necessary to repeat when a mistake is done to be able to fully memorize the stepping.
3.       Loosen up.
-          Before starting to practice for a dance step or a routine, try to loosen up. Loosening up will help you move more flexible to be able to maneuver your self gracefully with each beat. It will also aid in the proper coordination of the body and the proper execution of each routine.  So try flexing up before dancing, it will really help.

4.       Keep up with the beat.
-          To avoid mishaps and mistakes in dancing, it is a must to be able to keep up with the beat. Counting would really help with the familiarization of the steps as along as with the dance beats. Fast beat includes boogie, twist, rock and roll, and samba. Moderate beat comprises cha-cha and sway while waltz and rumba have slow beat.

5.       Focus
-          For beginners, forgetting steps is not an excuse. The best remedy for this is to be able to familiarize and focus on the transition in the dance. Presence of mind is needed to gain full focus on the dance.

Focus Focus Focus! And mistaken steps will be a thing of the past.

6.       Be confident
-          Smile! It will boost up your confidence as well with the dancing. Confidence always plays an important role in any dance presentation. First, it will exude the emotion of the dance as well as the dancers’ and secondly it will show how much you enjoy your dance routines.

7.       Practice! Practice! Practice!
-          For beginners, practice is the most important way of improving your dance skills. Even professional dancers do a lot of practicing. So do not exempt your self from the opportunity of developing what you are starting to learn.

“Practice really makes perfect!”

After learning all the major pointers, dancing ballroom will not be that difficult. For dancing like a pro is only 1-2 STEP! 
Here are some of the ballroom dance routines we had back then. Ohh.. I miss those times already. :) 
Cha-cha (video from: Carmel Legion -carmel1891)

Boogie (video from: Carmel Legion -carmel1891)

Swing  (video from: Carmel Legion -carmel1891)

Tango (video from: Carmel Legion -carmel1891)

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