Artimag release...

After the unprecedented release of the ever controversial BINHI with the KALAWANG - Binhi edition the long wait is over because the latest Issue of ARTIMAG is already released.

Set the date...

With the help of facebook, the dissemination of the release date was fast and everyone's eyes were on the date below the pixelated front page of the magazine.

Before the release, our Circulation Manager did a lot of planning to be able to deliver all the magazines on time and properly.

Division of labor.. way to go!

Busy student journalists aiming for success of Artimag's release

For those who don't have their copies yet.. visit our office and grab your own copy of the Artimag.

After the successful first day of the release, a donut party was celebrated (courtesy of Krispy Kremes!).

These donuts are oh-so-yummy!
Yum yum!

PA writers are certified Krispy Kremers!

Also after the party... we had our share of camwhoring moments..

Drexler with her WOLFIE headdress.. so disturbing

My reaction when they told me that the donuts were all eaten already.. Poor me!

Jump shot for our energetic junior staff writers and cartoonist

The PA-wer Rangers of PA-Taguig minus Prisoner Orange
My favorite pose.. the Wacky Pose.

What can I say? wacky pose midair.. that's it!

Nice shot...

And so the release of the latest Artimag issue was successful. As I type this.. I'm already bracing for what's to come in the near future. As always.. PA-Taguig aced it!

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