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The Anatomy of the BEFORE and AFTER ad trend

Here’s a little secret I need to tell you, I have a thing for this thing or trend they have nowadays (or even before the break of civilization) the infamous BEFORE and AFTER look. It seems that this trend is a cliché (so redundant), a formula used by advertisers to entice consumers of all ages. I can still remember almost all slimming tea ads that show pictures of their models from fat and flabby tummies to hot and trimmed bodies. Remember any ad that uses this formula? I’m sure you have a list of it (I know right?)
 I am not degrading this type of advertisement. (I was once a giddy consumer and was into these ads until now).  I just have a thing for it. Want to know what it is? Then read along…
Everyday seems like a HEAVY burden to carry when you’re commuting. The traffic jam will stress you and the buses and automobiles along with the screeching tires and suffocating atmosphere will kill you slowly. Thanks to some diversions: billboards and posters of apparels, beauty products and upcoming concerts. One time while taking a trip en route to Shaw Boulevard I saw this new Belo billboard. Before it was Zsa Zsa Padilla endorsing something like thermo-thingy and NOW it is already Jinkee Pacquiao, the better half of our country’s pride Rep. Manny Pacquiao,  and that’s how the Before and After ad and all it’s intricacies occurred to my deranged curiosity.
Before anything else, I would like to set it straight, I don’t hate Jinkee or something like that. It’s just that the ad she’s modeling with and the trend has reached my inner thoughts and critical senses that’s why I came up with an entry like this. I use Belo products and I’m a fan of Manny Pacquiao. I have nothing against Mrs. Pacquiao (hindi naman ako yayaman kung sisiraan ko siya, at hindi ako gagawa ng ganun ka-senseless na blog) it’s just the timing. It’s PERFECT. :)
This is not the real "BEFORE" image of Jinkee
on the billboard. As far as I'm concern this is still
her, the BEFORE Jinkee. (photo from

So, the billboard has Jinkee’s “BEFORE and AFTER” image after the procedure and these were just some of the things I’ve noticed, except for the fact that she’s stunningly beautiful now. Thanks to BELO for the initiative!
Let me dissect my critical analysis and lay all the things that brought me to the topic entitled: “The Anatomy of BEFORE and AFTER ad trend”. Enjoy!
Notice the following differences between the BEFORE and AFTER pictures:

Introducing the AFTER Jinkee aftermath!

1.       The quality of the picture – as you can see the BEFORE picture seems outdated with its quality. I think the camera used is not that good or because it’s a BEFORE picture that means this is taken long long long time ago but not to the point of sepia colored images.In the AFTER picture the lighting is superb, the background catches attention and the contrast is spellbinding (haha! Talk about magicians and photoshop professionals. What do they have in common?)

2.       The hair effect – what is with the fly away effect of the hair? Does it add to the slimming effect it has on Jinkee? Does it magnify her stunning beauty and to-die-for body? What’s with the hair thingy? WHAT!!

3.       The embellishments – In the BEFORE picture Jinkee seems plain and homely. But in the AFTER  picture she seems to own a mall and a food chain franchise (creepy examples). She has diamonds and pearls in her neck and a bracelet to compliment with. And she glitters unwaveringly.

4.       The more-skin exposure – Notice the dress she dons on the BEFORE picture and compare it to the outfit she has on the AFTER picture. See? I told you that baring more skin will do the trick of diverting the attention away from the facial features. What you lack facially, your body supplements and compensates physically (regarding the lesser cloth thing). You know what I mean? That’s illusion and that’s one way of faking it up, barely.

5.       The facial expression – I think this one also plays an important part in the transition process. In the BEFORE picture, you need to look like you ought to have a procedure like glum or just indifferent facial expression. And the AFTER picture must say that you’re ecstatic and overwhelmed with the outcome of the expensive treatment and surgery. In the AFTER picture, Jinkee looks like she can take the world by storm (literally) and she has already launched not just a thousand but a million should I say ships.
These are some of the things I’ve noticed not only on Jinkee’s infamous billboard but also in the latest trends prevalent in the world of consumer and manufacturers. It’s business you know! When you’re good at it you’ll definitely excel on it! Quite a thought. Regarding the comparison portion I made concerning the BEFORE and AFTER pictures... bear with me. You can't have blog entries like this without having randomly cluttered ideas. :)

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