7th TUPEG Highlights...

A week after the infamous and expensive TUPEG yet, I still cannot forget the highlights of the event that made it memorable to me. Especially on my part since a narcissist and an I-want-to-take-200-plus-pictures-of-me-or-else-I-would-die took all the shots and drained the batteries of the camera our junior staff writer has. Below are the not-so-fresh-but-memorable pictures we had in our 3 day vacation/ TEG.

The 2nd Venue of the 7th TEG.

ID making... with EMERSON shirt.

The Philippine Artisan - PA-wer Rangers Edition

Second Day of the convention.. EMT pose!

The Philippine Artisan - Taguig Wowowee-ish first day. Kinda embarrassing...

Falls.. here we go!

That's it? That's why we're here early this morning? I should have slept longer.. err.. :)

How about the environment? tee hee.. :)

As you can see I was clinging on to my dear life there...

How many takes did we have before coming up with the perfect jump shot? Consider this shot a perfect one.. :)

Before we part ways.. A group picture from the 7th TEG delegates..

That concludes the 7th TEG hosted by the Philippine Artisan - Taguig, though I was not able to enjoy everything I'm proud to say the PA-Taguig aced it once again! Good job guys! Till next TEG...

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