why so random?

so random... so ME. :)  (image from the net)

Why Randomly Cluttered? I also thought of that. Giving title to a blog never occurred to me. I never thought I could come up with something, probably a blog. My attempts on creating a kick-ass blog started when I learned how to string out words properly and when I started to use the computer keyboard. (which was ironic because of my chosen field.) But then again my attempts were futile. I call my previous blogs "Short-lived" because of its unavoidable extinction. After a week or so they all go astray without any blog entry post. Why? Because I don't have the luxury to update, write, embellish, doodle, and create blog entries of my own. I don't have a LAPTOP or even a personal computer (poor me) .I am capable mentally and physically but financially deterred from doing such things. And then... came EMERSON which changed my life! So back to the topic. [Why Randomly Cluttered?] I decided conceptualizing a blog that focuses on many topics, that means not one or two but three or more topics. I've seen and encountered blogs that specializes on one field (e.g. food, places, books, songs, etc) they're all great but at some point I found myself veering away from just one topic. Having more topics will diversify my knowledge on things. It will also harness my research and comprehension skills which I think need more practice. And pooof! It became KOKO CRUNCH! (Just kidding!) After everything... I came up with a decision: "That I needed to tackle on many different things that concern my curiosity --- that is cluttered." And with that random idea... a blog that you are reading now came to life! Thanks to EMERSON for giving me the perfect concept and material and to myself for working this one-hell-of-a- blog... because this one is not random.. it's just cluttered with random stuffs! Enjoy!

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