POWER RANGERS! (The Philippine Artisan - TAGUIG Edition)

Being a part of an organization or a group especially a campus publication, we need to have something or anything that will define us a group. If students have uniforms we also have publication shirts. Our attempts on creating a kick-ass design were all futile and useless. Here is the scenario: If the design is good then the shirt quality is bad. If both are presentable then the design fades very quickly (one wash I think). So, the search for the best and presentable pub shirt came a long long way until the 7th TUPEG. Thanks to Emerson Navarro for his creativity and sheer eccentricity on graphics and designs we were able to don this colorful works of art.

Here are some of the pictures we had:

The front design is our Publication Mascot - TEKYA. (this design has resemblance to that of the cover design of The Black Eyed Peas´ album The Beginning)

Introducing the POWER RANGERS of PA-Taguig...

Nice view. Really. :)

Bloody RED - Drex
Neon GREEN - Tobby
Butter YELLOW - Melga
Violet ? - Kuya Carl
Pool Blue - Kuya Jomar
Silver Gray - Emer

Drexler with HER apple diet pose. I with my NAG-AASIM pose.


The Chegeren Pose.

We look like monkeys here. (sort of) I don´t have any idea with what they´re doing when they shot this one.

Our lives is as colorful as our shirts!

This shot here is STOLEN.

Drex does an EMO look, not convincing though. I wonder whom Kuya Carl is staring at. hmmm...

 Just playing with the camera and doing random stuffs with my co-editors completes my day. :) As you can see, we are not complete here; some editors were not able to have their photos taken along with us. Next time I´ll see to it that the PA-Rangers will be complete. And with that we´ll have a rainbow colored PHOTOSHOOT.

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