Thank you for the music...
It is true that songs can be our voice when we're muted by the words we speak. It can also be used to express feelings we tend to suppress. But above all, songs are written and made to ENTERTAIN, EXPRESS, and ELABORATE things that are complicatedly simple.  Below are my favorite lines from songs that I encountered in my 20 years of being a music lover dude. I chose the lines that have great impact not only on its content but on the totality of the lyrics, melody, and musical arrangement. Come and sing with me...   

 "´Coz just one sip would make me sick..."
-Love Drunk by Boys like Girls

"Because I don't belong to anyone nobody belongs to me..."
-Perfectly Lonely by John Meyer

"Once a whore you're nothing more. I'm sorry that'll never change!"
-Misery Business by Paramore

"Although it's hard and scares me so, a life without you scares me more..."
-Last Fight Out by Plus One

"Here we are face to face all alone in this place and it's finally coming down to you and me..."
-Breathing Underwater by Marie Digby

"You're the traffic in my head you're the reason that I'm wet..."
-Traffic by Marie Digby

"Your love as far as I can see is all I'm ever gonna need..."
-Anywhere for You by Backstreet Boys"

"You're everywhere to me and when I close my eyes it's you I see.."
-Everywhere by Michelle Branch

"How can you measure the promise of love when it's weighing against a chance that comes once?"
-Fly Away by Jojo

"What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you, And what am I supposed to say when I'm all choked up and your okay?"-Breakeven by The Script

"Oh just to be with you is having the best day of my life..."
-Thank You by Dido

"When you're lost in love you never wanna find your way out.."
-Found by Phillip Larue

"You set it again, my heart's in motion. Every word feels like a shooting star. I'm at the edge of my emotions. Watching the shadows burning in the dark..."
-Terrified by Katharine Mcphee featuring Zachary Levi

"When she's the one I'll come undone. And my world will stop spinning and it's just the beginning..."
-Not  like the movies by Katy Perry

"But if I could change your mind how would you want me? Would you say you need me 'cause I need you now..."
-Change your Mind by Boyce Avenue

"She is love and she is all I need..."
-She is Love by Parachute
"For you I'd do it all over again.. All I've been through led me to you so I'd do it all over again for you..."
-Again by Natasha Bedingfield

These are not just lines from songs... these are lines that complete all the lyrics of the songs I have here --- songs that tell a story, which is the story of LIFE. 

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