building homes.. building HUMANITY

What : Habitat for Humanity Build Date
When : February 19, 2011   
Where : Calauan Housing Project, Brgy Dayap, Calauan Laguna

The HABITAT for HUMANITY tarp. :)

"I never signed up for this..." I heard someone exclaimed that line as we were hoisting the blocks from one place to another and she's a celebrity. Sucks!

Well, Ma'am Anne signed us up for this (with our consent of course!).And as far as I am concern.. it was helluvan EXPERIENCE.

 I woke up at 4:30 am bathe myself in frigid water and head over at Shaw with a grumbling stomach. I arrived at 5:30 am and waited for two hours for the others.
So much for waiting for other volunteers to fill the bus.. we headed to the build site at 7:30 am (call that FILIPINO Time).

The trip to Laguna didn’t bore me because aboard the bus was a horror flick “Dalaw” which stars Kris Aquino. (So-so movie but gripping at the same time.)

We arrived at the site and were greeted by other volunteers. They handed us our working gloves and caps and before we started we had our camwhoring moments with the volunteers from Emerson.

With Chiz Escudero.
  Before the building thingy we were oriented with Safety measures and were acquianted with the sole purpose of the advocacy.

The event was celebrity-packed, we saw Derek Ramsey flex his biceps and triceps as he assisted others on laying the blocks and Karen Davila who took a picture of us. Aside from them were the Daughter of Belo and the fiance of David Foster. (one of them blurted out the I never signed up for this line) :)

These were the tasks that we did aside from getting ourselves burnt from the scorching sun. :)

This should be a stolen shot.

This part was fun.. twisting twisting.

CIB Laying
Can you see how covered I am?

And the food was AWESOME. I mean AWESOMENESS!! Look at this picture…
This shot shows who I am inside.. a Patay Gutom..

The tanning experience ended at 4:00pm with everybody satisfied with the work done and the experience of extending help to indigent families.
All in all, the experience was fun and memorable. Now I know that to have a progressive community, everyone must first have a HOME. And with that thought I knew I already made a difference not only for myself but for the HUMANITY as well.
Before heading home the EMERSON volunteers had lotsa photo ops. :))
What EMERSON has to say to all problems.

My bust.. my bust! :) BUSTED!

All smiles from EMERSON volunteers. We did a great job on that one.

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