A better way to treat myself.

Okay, so yesterday I got disappointed about something I have no control of. I thought it will happen this way not that way.. but then I ended up being the LOSER (outcasted, marooned, not-loved). My assumptions were way too farfetch from what I supposed it to be. So I decided to treat myself, because in the long run.. I’m really better off alone.

Season of the Witch starring Nicolas Cage

I went straight to SM Megamall to loosen my pressured thoughts and relentless inhibitions. I decided to watch Season of the Witch which stars Nicolas Cage. I got embarrassed because I thought the movie was an epic one then it turned out a bit scary and suspenseful. I needed to cover my ears and eyes on parts that were scary. I was really dumbfounded with the turnout of the plot…so I guess the Witches they prosecuted and killed were not witches at all. Although some tried to practice witchcraft and black magic but then again not all allegations were true. The truth is, the witch they thought who brought plague in the place was a demon who possessed a teenage girl. For ages, the thing they dread was not the Witch after all but the Evil entity that haunts the place. Nicolas Cage killed and exorcised the Demon but was slaughtered in the end, saving the teenage girl and the world from plague and Demon possession.


Nice plot, then as I head out from the Movie House I caught a glimpse of "Love and Other Drugs" since the night was still young and I still wanted to splurge on movie passes, I decided to watch the movie.

"There's a lot I don’t understand about life, you meet thousands of people and met one person and your life has change"

Love and other drugs starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway
–This line still rings in my head.

 This was the last line that Jake Gyllenhaal said before the credits rolled. It made me realize that there’s that "SOMEONE" out there who would make that sheer difference in your life. You may never know when or how that will happen but I assure you, that "SOMEONE" will unexpectedly make its way before your very eyes. And when that happens, that is TRUE LOVE. The movie was also memorable because I saw Anne Hathaway’s (boobies) great body. She is still the best actress in her generation and her eyes are oh-so-alluring (her perfect white teeth really exemplifies her facial features.)

I went home at 11:40pm. Happy and Satisfied.

After all, what I really needed is a time on my own, foods, and COOL movies. :)

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