Acknowledgement (COMP 317 Edition)

FYI : This is the acknowledgement I made for our CSA (Computer System Analysis) subject, which was a tough project to pursue. I decided to make it a blog entry here to remind me of the hardships and the toil we experienced in line with the completion of our project. Enjoy Reading :)
As we march our way to success.. a million thanks to everyone!

Indeed Life is a never ending journey for knowledge, in every step of the way we learn things that we don’t get from the four walls of our room. We seek for greater things that would benefit us firsthand; nevertheless this piece of work did help us a lot. And with such an achievement we are gratefully blessed and are humbled enough to give thanks to everyone who’ve extended their help in the completion of this wittingly written CSA documentation.
            To our creator who has blessed us with the knowledge to go further and the heart to go farther we give thanks and praise to thee. For being there always to guide us in every decision we make and for granting us the will to pull ourselves together for this project, another “Thank You!” from our hearts!
            To Mr. Rico Santos, for allowing us to borrow books from the Technology archive and for giving us points to ponder on our system, Thank you very much!
            To Mr. Rommel Dalisay, for imparting us his knowledge in Computer System Analysis and for inspiring us to excel in our fields, a million thanks to you! This project would not be possible without your teaching expertise in COMP 317.
            To our families, Manongsong, Lisondra, and Basilio family, we thank all of you for the unconditional support you entrusted on us. For the moral upliftment, financial assistance and for the unwavering trust you have on us, we love you from the bottom of our hearts.
            To our crazy bunch of friends and notorious gang of classmates, we undoubtedly share this piece of knowledge to all of you. School life will never be boring because of your presence; all the endless days and sleepless night are worth it because we all shared the same tedious experiences. The help we got from all of you and the help you got from us really show how bonded we are to achieve our academic goal, which is to graduate together leaving no one behind; with these we are truly grateful!
            And to those we forgot to mention who have helped us in their own unique way… a million thanks to all of you.
Thank you and God Bless! 

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