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POWER RANGERS! (The Philippine Artisan - TAGUIG Edition)

Being a part of an organization or a group especially a campus publication, we need to have something or anything that will define us a group. If students have uniforms we also have publication shirts. Our attempts on creating a kick-ass design were all futile and useless. Here is the scenario: If the design is good then the shirt quality is bad. If both are presentable then the design fades very quickly (one wash I think). So, the search for the best and presentable pub shirt came a long long way until the 7th TUPEG. Thanks to Emerson Navarro for his creativity and sheer eccentricity on graphics and designs we were able to don this colorful works of art.

Here are some of the pictures we had:

Introducing the POWER RANGERS of PA-Taguig...

Bloody RED - Drex Neon GREEN - Tobby Butter YELLOW - Melga Violet ? - Kuya Carl Pool Blue - Kuya Jomar Silver Gray - Emer

 Just playing with the camera and doing random stuffs with my co-editors completes my day. :) As you …

building homes.. building HUMANITY

What : Habitat for Humanity Build Date When : February 19, 2011    Where : Calauan Housing Project, Brgy Dayap, Calauan Laguna

"I never signed up for this..." I heard someone exclaimed that line as we were hoisting the blocks from one place to another and she's a celebrity. Sucks!
Well, Ma'am Anne signed us up for this (with our consent of course!).And as far as I am concern.. it was helluvan EXPERIENCE.
I woke up at 4:30 am bathe myself in frigid water and head over at Shaw with a grumbling stomach. I arrived at 5:30 am and waited for two hours for the others. So much for waiting for other volunteers to fill the bus.. we headed to the build site at 7:30 am (call that FILIPINO Time).
The trip to Laguna didn’t bore me because aboard the bus was a horror flick “Dalaw” which stars Kris Aquino. (So-so movie but gripping at the same time.)
We arrived at the site and were greeted by other volunteers. They handed us our working gloves and caps and before we started we had our …

why so random?

Why Randomly Cluttered? I also thought of that. Giving title to a blog never occurred to me. I never thought I could come up with something, probably a blog. My attempts on creating a kick-ass blog started when I learned how to string out words properly and when I started to use the computer keyboard. (which was ironic because of my chosen field.) But then again my attempts were futile. I call my previous blogs "Short-lived" because of its unavoidable extinction. After a week or so they all go astray without any blog entry post. Why? Because I don't have the luxury to update, write, embellish, doodle, and create blog entries of my own. I don't have a LAPTOP or even a personal computer (poor me) .I am capable mentally and physically but financially deterred from doing such things. And then... came EMERSON which changed my life! So back to the topic. [Why Randomly Cluttered?] I decided conceptualizing a blog that focuses on many topics, that means not one or two but th…


It is true that songs can be our voice when we're muted by the words we speak. It can also be used to express feelings we tend to suppress. But above all, songs are written and made to ENTERTAIN, EXPRESS, and ELABORATE things that are complicatedly simple.  Below are my favorite lines from songs that I encountered in my 20 years of being a music lover dude. I chose the lines that have great impact not only on its content but on the totality of the lyrics, melody, and musical arrangement. Come and sing with me...   

"´Coz just one sip would make me sick..." -Love Drunk by Boys like Girls
"Because I don't belong to anyone nobody belongs to me..." -Perfectly Lonely by John Meyer
"Once a whore you're nothing more. I'm sorry that'll never change!" -Misery Business by Paramore
"Although it's hard and scares me so, a life without you scares me more..." -Last Fight Out by Plus One
"Here we are face to face all alone in this place …

Acknowledgement (COMP 317 Edition)

FYI : This is the acknowledgement I made for our CSA (Computer System Analysis) subject, which was a tough project to pursue. I decided to make it a blog entry here to remind me of the hardships and the toil we experienced in line with the completion of our project. Enjoy Reading :)

Indeed Life is a never ending journey for knowledge, in every step of the way we learn things that we don’t get from the four walls of our room. We seek for greater things that would benefit us firsthand; nevertheless this piece of work did help us a lot. And with such an achievement we are gratefully blessed and are humbled enough to give thanks to everyone who’ve extended their help in the completion of this wittingly written CSA documentation. To our creator who has blessed us with the knowledge to go further and the heart to go farther we give thanks and praise to thee. For being there always to guide us in every decision we make and for granting us the will to pull ourselves together for this p…

Not like the Movies...

Being single is not a curse or something that one should be sick of. I´ve proven myself of such a statement many times. It already saved me from emotional breakdown and no-brainer trippings (things you see on Jack Ass). But what kept me adrift from all possible eccentricities is the fact that I love watching movies by myself. I love the solitary moment.. and my company. And because of it, I was able to watch as many movies as I can count up to date. To remind me of my singleness here are some of the movies I watched with its corresponding place, date , and amount (keeping me sane enough).

17 Again

Festival Cinema (Jonamar treated me this) April 17, 2009 P139.00
Inception Market Market Cinema July 21, 2010 P140.00
The Chronicles of Narnia : Dawn of the Voyage Treader SM Megamall Cinema December 9, 2010 P172.00
Saw : Final Chapter SM Megamall Cinema December 16, 2010 P152.00
Tron Legacy SM Megamall Cinema December 18, 2010 P172.00
Ang Tanging Ina Mo : Last na Ito SM Mall of Asia December 29, 2010 P190.00

Most anticipated Movies of 2011 (My pick)

Yesterday I was able to watch 2 of the most anticipated movies of the year ---Love and other Drugs and Season of the Witch. Both were nicely done and visually entertaining that's why I enjoyed every minute I had yesterday . Of all the trailers I saw, these movies really marked something in my subconscious being.

1. I am number four

2. Source Code

3. Gnomeo and Juliet

4. The Mechanic

 5. Fast Five

6. The Eagle

7. 127 Hours

8. Cowboys and Aliens

9. Rango

10. Tangled

11. Black Swan

12. Thor

13. Green Lantern

14. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Official Trailer

15. Transformers 3

Better save up for now.. because these movies will leave your wallet barren and your PC/Laptop drives full to the brim.

A better way to treat myself.

Okay, so yesterday I got disappointed about something I have no control of. I thought it will happen this way not that way.. but then I ended up being the LOSER (outcasted, marooned, not-loved). My assumptions were way too farfetch from what I supposed it to be. So I decided to treat myself, because in the long run.. I’m really better off alone.

I went straight to SM Megamall to loosen my pressured thoughts and relentless inhibitions. I decided to watch Season of the Witch which stars Nicolas Cage. I got embarrassed because I thought the movie was an epic one then it turned out a bit scary and suspenseful. I needed to cover my ears and eyes on parts that were scary. I was really dumbfounded with the turnout of the plot…so I guess the Witches they prosecuted and killed were not witches at all. Although some tried to practice witchcraft and black magic but then again not all allegations were true. The truth is, the witch they thought who brought plague in the place was a demon who…