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Top Ow-Jay-Tee Moments (Part Three)

Being an Intern at EMERSON requires you to be ready for everything.. (especially anything!). For being in such a post means OT, bossy bosses, ALLOW-ances, friends/enemies (Frenemies), and a whole lot more of experiences. The following are my top OJT moments (the ones that will be forever etched in my memories) be it a bad experience or a good one. Each has its own reason behind my memorable and short-lived stay at EMERSON. Have fun and read on my cluttered ideas on life and more!

ALLOWANCE! - Hypocrisy aside. Let’s be real here! For crying out loud who doesn’t like allowance? It's the only reason why I'm still at Emerson. Why I still do all the crazy stuffs they let me do. And why I still endure the godly hours of waiting for all the installations to be finished. (Haha! Just kidding) At first I was focused more on doing my job, getting things working, and assisting all the Test Engineers on running their Test Plans (which includes Hardware and Software Setups. Not until Ma'am Gell came into the scenario (She's the one who gives weekly allowances to all the OJTs). After receiving my first allowance, my perception on things started to change! What's the luckiest time of the day? It's 2:00pm - 3:00pm because at that time of the day, allowance are handed out to giddy Interns waiting for their incentives to come.
      Milo Eating and Drinking contest - My first week at Emerson was filled with MALT, CHOCOLATE, MILK, and FIBER. It was more of a mix of all the ingredients I stated. MILO that is!  If the jingle goes this way "Milo everyday!" we ojts made it a little more complicated than what it was. We sing MILO's jingle this way "Milo every morning, every snacks, every after lunch, every after snacks..." (and the song goes on and on and on..) We drink it and even eat it. When we're all de-allowanced (meaning no allowance anymore) we eat milo for dessert. After a-not-so-fulfilling-lunch, one representative from the Test OJTs gets the milo canister and passes the poor canister from one mouth to another extracting every powder they can get from the once full canister now half-filled already container. And after having the dessert of a lifetime, where do they go? straight to the CR their destination is! hahaha! Poor MILO...                                                                                                                                            

      Encore till dawn! - Last year, EMERSON had its Christmas Party at Encore (formerly known as Embassy). As OJTs we were like, "Are we invited?", then came a confirmation from our bosses confirming that we are also included at the party!. It was like woahhh!! That's something! Really! We arrived at the spot around 4:30pm, the party was still brewing so we were like lame and shy enough to dance. As the night grew older.. and the people getting more tipsy we started grooving our way to the dance floor and shaking those booties!! It was like.. "Kelangan nating mag party! Next year hindi na tayo kasama rito!" So we did what we were expected to do, Party all night long! Everything in Encore was extravagant. The food was good, the song choices were upbeat and dance-inducing, the dance floor was sizzling hot, the lightings were a sight to behold, everything was perfect! What made the experience unforgettable was the company we have (Test Department was OWNING!)  Especially when you have 2 co-interns who would willingly mop the dance floor while dancing and getting their bodies tangled.
A group picture with Test Department OJTs plus sir Dinu and Sir Jerico. 
      PS : We went home at around 3:00 am! (That's the best OT I ever had in my 20 years of existence!) MAJOR MAJOR winner it is!!

    Fast Fingers : Quick and Nimble  - Among all the spells conjured by Harry Potter to save him from Voldemort, take this tip to save you from humiliation. Everyday is FB day when you're at Emerson (I heard from Sir Marco that FB was blocked last last year, good thing they didn't allow it to happen this time around!) . One time while I was going through an installation procedure, my boss apparated behind me and asked me about something (with my fb homepage maximized). I got nervous and was not able to do the ALT+TAB spell, so I left the monitor open for her scrutiny. After our deep and serious conversation she left without cursing me or even terminating me for that matter. (What a relief!) So next time you're busy doing your multi-tasking thingy.. (that includes facebooking, tweeting, plurking, etc..) be sure to get acquainted with the ALT+TAB spell.. so you will not be able to summon your Hindi-Ako-Nag-FB poker face! (Trust me, it works!)

         Foods @ the Pantry - I was never a Patay Gutom before.. NEVER, not until I applied for Internship at EMERSON. (hahaha!) How could resist the tempting invitation of Ma'am Diane's email (Pizza @ the Pantry) ? At EMERSON we were taught that when an invite appears on your account (MS Outlook) prompting that a feast will be served downstairs.. NEVER ever ever read nor open the message, not that it contains software virus that once click will self replicate. Because once you open that message and started reading through its contents, the Food Scavenging Team (as what Udon Girl call them) will start to make their way into the pantry and shove every edible thing they can shove into their well-deep mouth (That's an exaggeration already!). And after you minimize your TS and head to the pantry, all you are about to see are the remnants of the scrumptious feast. I experienced that on my first week at EMERSON, now that I'm already equipped with the scavenging techniques I'm not the TALO-NAN anymore! For the upcoming OJTs.. better prepare yourselves.

A group picture with the hungry Food Scavenging Team
      NOTE : Before the month ends, all birthday celebrators (corresponding their birthday months) will prepare an eat-all-you-can buffet @ the Main Pantry. Just so you know! :) 
      These moments are the best one that I had at EMERSON.. but there are sooo many more to choose from. 

    Who could not forget the Halloween Party? (Test Department Edition) The Japanese Testers were the best!. And the White Elephant? with everybody stealing others gifts? There are so many of it that for once I stop and tell myself "I'm a really lucky Intern!"  I still have two months to cover before my contract ends, better make every moment unforgettable starting TODAY! 


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