Ow-Jay-Tee Part One (a story)

Since it's already 400 hrs before I bid my goodbyes to EMERSON - Process Management, let me do the honor of reminiscing the memories that had pass and the life I had as an Intern back then.

After the bombardment of so many projects, systems, defenses, and thesis at last, I must go forth and search for greener pastures.. (that's the SIT period for me). I did a lot of researching, thinking, arguing with myself, praying, and a lot of other things.. (if necessary) to find the right Company that will complement my flourishing career in the mainstream. I found myself applying for SARTORIUS--- which I think was a good company. But nah.. I have to undergo so many processes to be able to comply with their requirements. Then one day, as I was going over with an ad (well that should be about available OJT slots) I found EMERSON- Fisher Rosemount Systems Inc. At first I thought " Nah.. 4 months ain't long.. What I need is 5 months or longer.." but to my surprise, I unconsciously submitted my CV to abby luces (HR of EMERSON - FRSI). I waited for the confirmation from Sartorius.. it took me couple of weeks to finally go down into business with them. Then came a call from Abby one rainy afternoon.. asking me if I'm still interested with my application.. and so I took my chance on it and gave it a shot (Because SARTORIUS was so lame.. so TAGAL) .And after a week I was able to fit a slot at one Intern Position at EMERSON (so unexpected). (End of PArt ONe..) Next time i'll add pictures here.

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