One of my Frustrations.

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When I was in High School (which was a very long time ago) I really dreamt on pursuing a college degree in top Universities in the Country. UP was one of the Universities I fancy back then, the thought of studying in one of the best academe really excites me. I often have had daydreams which was delusional (it really was). I foresee scenarios where I was having a bloodlust brainstorm with the bestest and brilliant minds from UP-D, it really didn’t surface. One opportunity I should have grabbed was taking up UPCAT. Because of some petty inevitable circumstances (that’s plenty) I wasn’t able to take UPCAT. My sister told me “You should study in a nearby University, so I guess you’ll just let that entrance examination pass.” , and I let it pass –poor me. My high school classmates were able to take the entrance exam but were not able to pass the quota for UP-D, instead they got themselves enrolled at UP-Visayas.. which was not a bad thing. At some point in my life I really envied them. But what else can I do? I’m a graduating Computer Engineering Technology student from TUP-T and will be proceeding a degree by then. I enrolled myself in a course that was really difficult and needs a lot of financial-what-so-ever-thingy. I’m not in the position to blame anybody.. good thing I was able to study.. been a clean passer (that’s a breather!!) and become who I am now. The thing is, this frustration will be haunting me until my last days. But as I see it, it will be the sole reason for me to strive hard –study study study.. there’s more to life than frustrations. I really have that WOW-reaction for UP-D alumni.. I look at them on a higher position, thinking “They must have a tough college life back then, but they’re able to finish and graduate from UP-D” and that thought never missed to inspire me to do more and excel more in what I do. It’s a sad reality that smart students cannot go to top Universities like UP-D because of financial incapability. They may have the brains but not the money to get themselves enrolled—same for me. What to do? Do what I do best! And be contented with what I have and what I don’t have. In the long run, It’s not the school that will do the working.. it is I—who will do everything to prove I’m better than the others.

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