On going home early…

            One tiring afternoon as I head home, I saw this bunch of confused students convened at the Guard House. As I went through the crowd the guard asked me to go back because a ‘Meeting de Avance’ was to be held at the Multi-Purpose Hall 6pm that afternoon. “The gates will be open after the event”, added by one of the guards. I heard violent reactions from the group of students behind me; their faces resembled that of a rotten tomato---sour. Being a News Editor myself, I was surprised that an event was about to begin without me having the knowledge of it. So I went back and headed to the hall to cover the event, leaving the crowd of giddy students still deterred from heading home.

            As the Meeting de Avance progressed my thoughts went back on the group of students I came into at the gate, will they be voting for the SSC Election tomorrow? Considering that they will vote, what criteria have they set upon choosing the candidates worthy of their vote? I sighed at the thought of it, it seems that they don’t care at all, they just wanted to go home and leave the University. I don’t blame them for that, maybe they just have to finish something important or an assignment to work on. But the opportunity they ignored is something more important that what they were trying to do.

            Being a voter, we students need to know the platforms and plans of the candidates for our beloved University. It doesn’t mean that because there’s only one party, voting for the right candidates would be easier. We could not jump into conclusions when we don’t hypothesized yet and before that we need data and observations to come up with a strong conclusion. Voting is not just a one-minute-process; it takes time and keen scrutiny. Most importantly it decides the fate of the studentry through the Leadership of the emerged winners.

            Have you voted wisely? Or you just wasted your vote for doing something insignificant?  

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