Leadership... Anyone? (An Editorial)

            March 11, 2010 -- slated date for the 2010 SSC Election. On the following week, votes from the student population were counted and winners were then proclaimed; a normal scenario of students’ participation in the political framework of the Supreme Student Council (SSC), Inc. But apart from the latter is the abnormality of the turnout number of running parties. Last year 2 parties were vying for the distinguished Council positions, this year there's only one. This may sound superficial, but how will the candidates under the same party compete head on if they don't have any contender to compete with? Furthermore, because of such predicament does anybody care for what the University is going through nowadays especially when it comes to Leadership issues?
As stated in the Commission on Election of Technological University of the Philippines-Taguig guidelines to be officially sworn as an officer, a candidate must have at least 70% of the votes from the students' population. This clearly suggests that running for a position without any competitor will not guarantee the candidate a sure spot in the SSC. He/She needs to gain the vote of the majority. But the issue here is not on the election process or on the candidate's requirement for a sure win; it is on the dwindling number of aspiring candidates come election time. It is a matter of responsibility and that responsibility is "Leadership ". The aforementioned predicament is a glaring proof of TUP-Tians evasiveness with the latter.
In the National basis we Filipinos need fine leaders to lead us all, that also applies here in TUP-T we also need student representatives that will serve as the voice of the studentry. One that is unbiased and rationale with his decision towards campus issues and students’ concerns. One that will clamor for the student's welfare as a whole. But where do we find them? Are they the ones you meet as you head home along the covered walk? Or the ones you see at the University Coop? Well, they don’t come in glittering packages, they don’t come out because they might be busy preparing for a title defense or maybe they’re just too scared with the mere thought of public service. These unidentified aspirants can be you and me!  Leadership trait is inevitably innate among us, we just don’t notice it but still we could rise up to any situation as leaders in our own way. We can be leaders if we want to, we can’t wait for forever to find the right one because in the long run we can be the right one!

Let’s not wait for the day to come when Leadership will become a subject or worst, a basic course which should be taken compulsory in the University. We TUP-Tians have the opportunity to initiate change; we just have to grab that opportunity of Leadership not only for ourselves but for our University as well.

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