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The Characters in my Ow-Jay-Tee story.

Having been thrown into nothingness and being deployed in a new environment, I was so nervous with the types of people I will be mingling with. Good thing all of them were friendly, easy to be with, approachable, humble, and FUNNY (Especially my team!). Here is the list of the people who were part of my stay in Emerson. Let me state their names one-by-one.. with matching descriptions to give you an idea of how cool they are!

Ma’am Zoi (AKA Boss Zoila) – This boss is not bossy! Of all the boss qualities I knew.. Ma’am Zoila’s character is another story. Cranky, able bodied, cheerful, dynamic, and all the good stuff.. plus She’s still SINGLE (a big plus!) What other traits is there to look for? She’s a total package of greatness and coolness. That’s why I consider myself lucky to be a part of her TEAM.

Sir Jerico (AKA Tatawa-ka-sa-tawa-niya guy) – He’s the one who handles me.. that’s why I should pay respect to him. At first, I found him intimidating. But now I found him cool and his hahaha-inducing laugh will leave you  laughing until the end of your shift. So hardworking. I wonder why he is still SINGLE now.. ( Ma’am Des.. where art thou?) J

Sir Serge (AKA The big LOSER) – Why on earth did I call him like that? Because he has proved himself that he could still loose all the unwanted fats he have and be fit again for health purposes. I have always idolized this guy for his wits and funny antics. (Especially in meetings). With him around… every meeting is fun-filled.

Sir Gerry (AKA My favorite boss) – Don’t get me wrong on this. I love all my bosses, no bias on that one. But Sir Gerry is one of a kind. I remember back then when they were interviewing me… he’s the one who always breaks the monotony. Gives silence a different meaning and fun a different approach.  I like all my bosses.. but this guy is exceptionally brilliant in his own perfect ways.

Ma’am Anne (AKA Erudite, Eloquent, and Effervescent) – At first, I thought maam anne was strict. She has that aura of professionalism embedded on her facial features. Her walk is swift and sharp. And she’s not your typical single lady. Whenever I had problems with my build evaluation task.. she unconditionally helps me with it. Mind you.. maam anne was a professor at ADMU and an alumni at UP-DIL! Calll that IMBA! (I explained the meaning of IMBA to her.. and she was like.. “That’s a new term!”)

Ma’am Lota (AKA Bisaya Buddy) Why Bisaya buddy?  Because I regularly converse with her in that vernacular. She has always been so good to me. So motherly  and so funny. Whenever I have time to spare, I usually talk to her in Bisaya.. to keep my tongue sharp and in good Visayan state. 

Sir Marco (AKA The Rocker!) This man ROCKS! He’s cool and witty.. Witty because, he was able to create a program that will automate all the processes involved in a series of Installation procedure. He did it back on his OJT days here.. and look where it brought him? Full of awesomeness.. this dude will definitely rock your world!

Ma’am Des (AKA Damsel in Distress) I wonder why this lass is still SINGLE.. She has all the qualities a SINGLE MAN can hope for. She has always been a paen-thingy to foreign testers. Almost all the dude testers (Foreign ones) gets close to her.. and before each of them leaves she will definitely receive handfuls of TOKENS from them.. haha! Parang chocolates and flowers lang. She has hopes of making it great abroad.. I know She can do it!

Ma’am Metchie (AKA Potter head) We share the same interest. I’m also a potter-head.. (Harry Potter fanatic) . I thought Ma’am Metch was still single.. not until I came to her facebook account and to my surprise.. I saw here status “Married”. She may be small for her size but ma’am Metch has the heart of a GIANTESS!

Sir Rico (AKA The kewl DAD) He is definitely the epitome of coolness.. knows how to rock and roll! (Even for his age) A funny man who loves watching Pacquiao’s opponents getting lambasted inside the ring.  A funny and cool dad!

Sir Wilson (AKA My financial adviser) Sir Testa is the kind of person who knows almost everything! Especially on money matters.. His life story inspired me to be thrifty and to make use of what I have. If one day, I would be needing a financial adviser.. I will look for him and pay him double his salary at EMERSON for the job. J  (Just kidding.. I don’t have that amount right now!) But with his help.. I can be rich!

A group picture with Zoila's Team  (picture by Ma'am Emmy)

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