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Ysha, a co-intern of mine introduced me to a cover made by Taylor Swift on her latest album "Speak Now". Her take on Viva la Vida by Coldplay is really cool. Check out the differences or similarities here. And wait there are still other covers made by other artists aside from Taylor Swift... Boyce Avenue and Lady Gaga covers.

Viva la Vida by Coldplay

Viva la Vida by Taylor Swift

Viva la Vida by Boyce Avenue

Viva la Vida by Lady Gaga
Next time, I'll try looking for other covers made by artists from other artists. :D

Why I chose to stay and why stayed longer..

"I have decided to join because I wanted to maximize my time while studying here in TUP-T"

I was so sure of what I am saying, I was confident with every word I uttered. I was so into it, very passionate with the thought of becoming a junior staff and being able to work in a campus publication. I've always wanted to be writer. Writing has always been my penchant; I consider it an innate skill of mine. Though, I may see myself mediocre with the whole idea, I've always dreamed of writing for a campus paper and then there was The Philippine Artisan -Taguig. It was like a dream come true when I received a text message informing me that I am officially a PA junior staff, from then and there my college life had started to change from the way I supposed it to be.
At first being in a school publication seemed cool, I got to know many different people and experienced each of their individualities. The shyness in me started to be replaced with expressiveness and sheer confidence.…

Additional characters. Ow-Jay-Tee (Part Four)

Here's an addition to the ever-growing family I have at Emerson. (As requested.)
Ma'am Emmy(Ma'am Shutterbug) - Why shutterbug? Because Ma'am Emz really loves taking pictures. She is approachable and patient. I tested her patience once, when I kept on asking her on how to install MUIWinPro7 manually and automatically. She never hesitated to reply on my endless queries and even gave me lessons on PHOTOGRAPHY 101 (Using her DSLR camera!) Cool! One of these days I'm going to ask her to teach me Photography 101 again. "Excited!"
Ma'am Diane (The Announcer!) - "Let's get ready to rumble...."  Nah! not like that kind of announcer.. Ma'am Diane is a different one. She electronically sends announcements on different events, one of which is the "Pizza @ the Pantry" announcement(which everybody loves and anticipates for). She doesn't only send invites, she also does the budgeting for the foods and other things to procure; she's …


The first time I saw Jenny, I depicted her as a loving and innocent child. Loving, because she's the only girl in the family that's why all attention was on her, and innocent because at her young age she resembled a bud of flower ready to bloom in a meadow with many other flowers. But one tragic incident changed everything I knew about her.
One night while sleeping on her bed her older brother who was about 19 years old mercilessly raped her. She relentlessly refused but her brother tried to threaten her saying that he will kill her if she will tell to their parents what happened between them. She was immobile that very moment until the evil deed was done. The crime was so perfect it seemed everything was planned beforehand and so, no one from the family except Jenny and her brother knew the incident.
After the incident, I seldom saw Jenny and every time I see her, she would always look down-casted. The cheerful and childish Jenny in her was gone. She seemed preoccupied all the …

Top Ow-Jay-Tee Moments (Part Three)

Being an Intern at EMERSON requires you to be ready for everything.. (especially anything!). For being in such a post means OT, bossy bosses, ALLOW-ances, friends/enemies (Frenemies), and a whole lot more of experiences. The following are my top OJT moments (the ones that will be forever etched in my memories) be it a bad experience or a good one. Each has its own reason behind my memorable and short-lived stay at EMERSON. Have fun and read on my cluttered ideas on life and more!
ALLOWANCE! - Hypocrisy aside. Let’s be real here! For crying out loud who doesn’t like allowance? It's the only reason why I'm still at Emerson. Why I still do all the crazy stuffs they let me do. And why I still endure the godly hours of waiting for all the installations to be finished. (Haha! Just kidding) At first I was focused more on doing my job, getting things working, and assisting all the Test Engineers on running their Test Plans (which includes Hardware and Software Setups. Not until Ma'…

On going home early…

One tiring afternoon as I head home, I saw this bunch of confused students convened at the Guard House. As I went through the crowd the guard asked me to go back because a ‘Meeting de Avance’ was to be held at the Multi-Purpose Hall 6pm that afternoon. “The gates will be open after the event”, added by one of the guards. I heard violent reactions from the group of students behind me; their faces resembled that of a rotten tomato---sour. Being a News Editor myself, I was surprised that an event was about to begin without me having the knowledge of it. So I went back and headed to the hall to cover the event, leaving the crowd of giddy students still deterred from heading home.
As the Meeting de Avance progressed my thoughts went back on the group of students I came into at the gate, will they be voting for the SSC Election tomorrow? Considering that they will vote, what criteria have they set upon choosing the candidates worthy of their vote? I sighed at the thought of it, it seems that…

Leadership... Anyone? (An Editorial)

March 11, 2010 -- slated date for the 2010 SSC Election. On the following week, votes from the student population were counted and winners were then proclaimed; a normal scenario of students’ participation in the political framework of the Supreme Student Council (SSC), Inc. But apart from the latter is the abnormality of the turnout number of running parties. Last year 2 parties were vying for the distinguished Council positions, this year there's only one. This may sound superficial, but how will the candidates under the same party compete head on if they don't have any contender to compete with? Furthermore, because of such predicament does anybody care for what the University is going through nowadays especially when it comes to Leadership issues? As stated in the Commission on Election of Technological University of the Philippines-Taguig guidelines to be officially sworn as an officer, a candidate must have at least 70% of the votes from the students' population. This…


College life has never been easy especially to those freshmen who will be entering in College this year (tapos na sa ibang college pero sa TUP-T patapos palang). Entering college is like being unprepared for a gory battle, being naive about a new subject and being attacked without alarms from the higher forces. It’s like venturing into something unknown, something uncertain and something unpredictable. College life has always been accompanied with struggles, sacrifice, pain and slight euphoria. Everyday seems like an eternity, it is on weekends when we feel the need to unwind from the hustle and bustle of school life (pero saturday lang ata ang rest day, me ROTC pa kc kasi..) Imagine the load of work that is needed to be finished in about a span of week??? Don’t forget the hectic schedules you have evey class recitations and the sleepless nights you’ve experienced before examinations and term tests. It’s not only the subjects that threaten or jeopardize the students,but also the peop…

The Characters in my Ow-Jay-Tee story.

Having been thrown into nothingness and being deployed in a new environment, I was so nervous with the types of people I will be mingling with. Good thing all of them were friendly, easy to be with, approachable, humble, and FUNNY (Especially my team!). Here is the list of the people who were part of my stay in Emerson. Let me state their names one-by-one.. with matching descriptions to give you an idea of how cool they are!
Ma’am Zoi(AKA Boss Zoila) – This boss is not bossy! Of all the boss qualities I knew.. Ma’am Zoila’s character is another story. Cranky, able bodied, cheerful, dynamic, and all the good stuff.. plus She’s still SINGLE (a big plus!) What other traits is there to look for? She’s a total package of greatness and coolness. That’s why I consider myself lucky to be a part of her TEAM.
Sir Jerico(AKA Tatawa-ka-sa-tawa-niya guy) – He’s the one who handles me.. that’s why I should pay respect to him. At first, I found him intimidating. But now I found him cool and his hahah…

The Friend I Never Had by eMOTionally MOTivated

Years have passed and yet I'm still dumbfounded Blinding myself from the truth that our friendship has ended Was I to be blamed? Or you who seemed not to care? For I missed the moments and the unforgettable times we shared As first I thought, it'll be easy on my part But then I discovered that everything was falling apart  From the moment we met until the time I departed  My heart was filled with longingness, for your presence I waited It's been a year and a half since we became silent I've become so evasive with my heart full of resentment One day, you promised that you'll settle the problem and befriend me again But I was too skeptic and was not ready to face it then.. We just passed each other without greeting and talking As if nothing happened for I thought I was just dreaming I wanted to wake up from the nightmare and be friends with you  But the hatred has deepen and the gap has widened between us two  I've been trying to lower my pride for yours is 6 feet below the gro…

One of my Frustrations.

(This blog entry appeared on my wordpress account. I decided to shift gears because Blogger seems too good to be true. My Wordpress account ain't obsolete yet.. you can still visit my formal Blog entries there.)

When I was in High School (which was a very long time ago) I really dreamt on pursuing a college degree in top Universities in the Country. UP was one of the Universities I fancy back then, the thought of studying in one of the best academe really excites me. I often have had daydreams which was delusional (it really was). I foresee scenarios where I was having a bloodlust brainstorm with the bestest and brilliant minds from UP-D, it really didn’t surface. One opportunity I should have grabbed was taking up UPCAT. Because of some petty inevitable circumstances (that’s plenty) I wasn’t able to take UPCAT. My sister told me “You should study in a nearby University, so I guess you’ll just let that entrance examination pass.” , and I let it pass –poor me. My high school classma…

Ow-Jay-Tee Part One (a story)

Since it's already 400 hrs before I bid my goodbyes to EMERSON - Process Management, let me do the honor of reminiscing the memories that had pass and the life I had as an Intern back then.

After the bombardment of so many projects, systems, defenses, and thesis at last, I must go forth and search for greener pastures.. (that's the SIT period for me). I did a lot of researching, thinking, arguing with myself, praying, and a lot of other things.. (if necessary) to find the right Company that will complement my flourishing career in the mainstream. I found myself applying for SARTORIUS--- which I think was a good company. But nah.. I have to undergo so many processes to be able to comply with their requirements. Then one day, as I was going over with an ad (well that should be about available OJT slots) I found EMERSON- Fisher Rosemount Systems Inc. At first I thought " Nah.. 4 months ain't long.. What I need is 5 months or longer.." but to my surprise, I unconscio…