Reunions: FAIL

Yuletide season is in the air. Many street children are dispersed on the street expecting a penny or two from car owners and passersby. Christmas songs are being played on radio stations. And reunions just keep on coming.

Being a loyal transferee to and from many schools and attended numerous institutions to date, it's a given that REUNION for me means going home to LEYTE, SARIAYA, and QUEZON. What's worst is-I need to do it all at the same time. I need to be able to weigh which reunion I'll attend to.. and that's pretty exhaustive. Yesterday, my classmates at AAQES batch 2003 had their mini reunion.. of course what do you expect? they were 8 of them and they had fun! Something really envious on my part. Next to that will be another reunion of my Elementary classmates back in LEYTE. After that a High School reunion of our batch in Baybay. I suck at this... my classmates having fun, reminiscing memories, and reliving the past. With me stuck at the company. complying with the needed numbers of Internship hours. So sad I can't be with them to celebrate our younger years. Still end up the LOSER. Not having the chance to enjoy my batchmate's company. Watching their uploaded photos with a tinge of jealousy. There will be next time.. and it that case I'll do all that is possible to be present in it. Well.. lesson learned. I need to set things, if not right then in my sound judgement -after all it is I who will reap the fruits of it. But for now.. let me drown myself with embarrassment. Embarrassment to my classmates in AAQES for being too lame to file a one-day-leave. and Embarrassment for just being randomly cluttered with ideas of REUNION.

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