BORED. (and caught)

These past few days I found myself being bored to death (nearly). It's not like I'm babbling or complaining.. it's just that--it's better if I'm bombarded with stuffs (I mean the working stuffs). Like most trainees here would do.. I do fb most of the time. To fight boredom (It's a must!) but also making me less productive. You know, I decided to come to the office from Dec 28-30 because it's more boring at home..I might be dead for a couple of hours. So I decided to not have the option of boredom suicide. On Monday (Dec 28) I located terminal blocks for Ma'am Diane.. which was tiresome. I need to look for the distinguished DeltaV Cards and get it's terminal block description. (That's so tedious.. as for my part.) BTW I'm the only trainee left in our team.. both Clay and CM bade their goodbyes.. (at Starbucks) Well, they will be coming back for the despedida PARTY on January.. yes! with foods of course! That's already a tradition here.. all outcoming (basta yung papaalis na OJTs and Employees as well). So I'm stucked here alone. typing this. (Then SIR WILSON caught me doing this..what a BUMMER!) kakahiya much on my part. hahaha! This blog entry is really becoming incoherent by the minute. Gee. To fight boredom here in the office I do pseudo reviewing.. you know.. like I read a manual here about the Software Emerson sells (with my eyes CLOSED). hahaha! that's what you call psedo reading and reviewing. Next time.. I'll try the aLt+Tab more swiftly.. To prevent being caught.. AGAIN. Luckily, on Dec 29, I was tasked to do things such as reimaging and installation of DeltaV.. that I found myself busy that day. Well, today.. it's a whole lot different.. I hope this tyranny of time will turn out not just a tyranny.. but also an opportunity for me to just be as productive as I can be. Mind you.. PRODUCTIVE! So as to not again let my ideas be cluttered with things like this. Urgh!

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